Sunday, 20 April 2014
Diné Development Corporation

Who Are We?

DDiné Development Corporation logoThe Diné Development Corporation (“DDC”) is a proactive business corporation established by the Navajo Nation Council in 2004 as a holding company to establish, invest in, own, and operate subsidiary corporations.  DDC is wholly owned by the Navajo Nation.

How Are We Governed?

  • DDC is governed by an independent five-member Board of Directors appointed by the shareholder representatives of the Navajo Nation.
  • DDC is governed by its Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, which authorize DDC to operate as an independent business entity to enter into contracts, loans, joint ventures, partnerships, and other instruments to establish subsidiary companies.
  • DDC operates under a corporate strategic plan and due diligence standards for approving new corporations.

What Is DDC’s Mission?

  • To create and increase corporate profit.
  • To establish subsidiary companies that meet the strategic targets of DDC.
  • To create private sector job opportunities for Navajo Nation members.
  • To establish and maintain the highest standards of business due diligence, structuring, and accountability.
  • To advocate for the business interests of Navajo Nation entrepreneurs.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Dealing With DDC?

  • Take advantage of 8(a) or other certifications for business leverage.
  • Use tax advantages of Navajo Nation sovereign status.
  • Leverage limited waiver of sovereign immunity to do business.
  • Enter into licensing and intellectual property agreements using the Navajo name.
  • Deal and negotiate with a business entity that is separate from tribal government.
  • Match business and investment interests with Navajo Nation industry sectors, skill sets and entrepreneurs.
  • Can work in any industry or business sector.

What Is Our History and What Are Our Successes?

  • Established in 2004 with initial capitalization from the Business and Industrial Development Fund of the Navajo Nation.
  • Presently have three subsidiary corporations.
  • Successfully used 8(a) certification for a subsidiary company.
  • Invested in successful subsidiary company with contracts and defense and security sectors.

What Are Our Strategies?

  • Pursue business alliances for competitive/high value opportunities in the global marketplace.
  • Extend our influence and access to capital and contracts through joint ventures, partnerships, new networks, and outreach to interested parties.
  • Promote Navajo Nation entrepreneurship while serving Reservation market and labor needs.
  • Promote Navajo and Chapters’ business development and resource companies on the Reservation.


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